Sunday, November 23, 2008

Short list of players that will play in USM..

The list of players for USM Open Tournament.

  1. Aizal
  2. Alvin Martin
  3. Azzad
  4. Chap
  5. Fid
  6. Mansur
  7. Satwin
  8. Zaini
  1. Add
  2. Ainaa
  3. Aina
  4. Aqsa
  5. Ida
  6. Idang
  7. Izzati
  8. Nissa
  9. Reena
Players are chose based on attendance for our hockey training session so far and also the commitment shown by each player towards it. For those who are not selected, we hope that you all can come with us to Penang to give us your support. We still need u guys. It has been really hard to make this short list of players because you all are good. But, if anyone has anything to ask, please kindly refer to me. Thank you.

S. Alvin Martin


WaNaHakALuGi..~ said...

go MMU go!!
ape yg penting,kerjeeeesame!

Dr.LovE said...

Thats the way la a'a.. High 5..