Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Upcoming Games & Training Sessions

A Very Good Day To All,
Welcome back to campus as all of us was away for exams and holidays. Here I would like to inform each members that the training schedule for this semester would be :

Tuesday & Thursday : 8pm @ HB1 Field

We also be having training on weekends which is we are conducting training at stadium on every last weekend of each month. This is will be start soon as everyone should be alert on the updates.
The club is now welcoming new members from January Intake to join us for our training.

These are some issues came to my attention which been propose to me by our members and this are the explanations :

1. Regarding Having Our Very Own Coach.
- Dear members, me and Fid had consulted 2 coach for our team which is 1 is for fitness and 1 is for tactical. The main problems the club have is that lack of attendance from members itself. So just imagine if a coach comes to coach us but there is only 10 of us there will be no use having a coach.

2. Turf Training.
- Its been decided that the cost of the stadium and also the transportation will be manage by ourselves which is everyone of us should share by putting some money in.

3. Allowance & SAPS Points
-There are some members are very keen on the issue of allowance.So, I would like to say that we the High Comm had send our paper work to the management and till now there is no response for it till yet due to some major issues came up without us knowing about it. So I would like humbly would like to say is that you will get your allowance and SAPS points before this semester ends with a condition you give 95% of attendance to the club. If you fail to do so,please do not bother us.(Hehehe)

4. Team Spirit
- I am requesting to all members to be close to each other by keeping in touch with each other.This is because this will gain a good sportsmanship and good team understanding among members as we train and have fun seeking knowledge here in MMU. (P/S : If u see a club member,please do make the initiative to greet...) I also seek everyone to contribute to make our club a success. Please do attend training as the days as above and less giving excuses for not attending as we are monitoring the attendance...(Garang nye..)

These are also some upcoming activities for this semester :

1. Kuantan Tournament
Date : 21 & 22nd Febuary
Team : 1 boys & 1 girls team.

2. Friendly With UM
date : Yet to be discuss
Team : 1 boys & I girls team (11 a-side)

3. Intercampus Vs Melaka
Date : 7 March
Team : 1 boys & I girls team (11 a-side)

4. MMU Female Hockey IPT Invitation
Date : 14 & 15th March
Teams : MMU, UTP, UNITEN, USIM and more.......
Venue : Pandamaran Hockey Stadium Klang

"Lets Maximise Training By Reducing Injuries"

Thank you.

Satwin Hans,
Secretary General

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