Thursday, March 5, 2009

Club Updates....

Hello everyone, this are few updates regarding some important matter need to be updated which is :

1. Our event is now called "MMU 9 Aside Hockey Tournament" which will be held on 4th April 2009 @ Pandamaran Stadium,Klang. As many ask, this are the answers this tournament is involving both boys and girls. This is because MMU STAD has given order to make this event as mix tournament to generate more talents for representing MMU for National games. So, the working committee will be involving both boys and girls. I expect volunteering basis till Tuesday (10th March 2009). If there still no one volunteer, I will personally asign you people. This is not fair for few people working for it.

2. Our club T-shirt will be on sale next trisemester 2009/2010 onwards. This is because our value members Alvin & Fid are busy handling our tournament. The colour of the t-shirt will be told later but the design has been confirm. Please do check our yahoo group for the image.

3. The election of the next trisemester High Comm will be done by this semester itself. This is because the new committee will have more time to plan the yearly activities. This election method will be as all members are given the chance to nominate the candidates and there will be an election. I just would like to wish all the best to all the nominated candidates and the nomintations will begin after our tournament.

4. The training at the stadium is still ON but I dont see enough encouragement from all members to attend our routine training at HB1. Once me and the High Comms are satisfy, then we will decide when to have it since we dont work unless u show some interest by coming training.

5. The current coach for our team is still be lead by Kimi as he is generous to share his tips and advise for free to all us. If can please do make the courage to attend the training and the fitness training. I am taking the attendance very seriously and I dont care who you are unless you dont have the courage to come. For who those cant attend, you are required to inform me or Fid before 5pm on training days so that we can plan the training for the day. If you are coming late, you are still welcome to join. For your information, Kimi is a national ice hockey player who represents Malaysia playing Ice hockey around the world. I personally watch him playing for Malaysia and it is impressive to have him with us here in MMU...Please take his lesson seriously.

Thank you.

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